Youth & Children

The Privileges of the Child at Assembly

  1. To be in the midst of the congregation, not on the sidelines.
  2. To wander among us during worship, being the responsibility of each of us.
  3. To give answers during children’s time without being laughed at.
  4. To be called by name by each adult.
  5. To be a valued person in the congregation.
  6. To be led to faith by the Christlike love, care, and model of each adult.
  7. To be an active participant in worship.

Safety Covenant & Safe Church Documents

  • Given the preciousness of our children and youth, and their potential vulnerability to abuse, we covenant for their safety and full participation in our community. Out of our commitment to love and care for all of God’s creation, we make a covenant to our children, youth, adults, families and community.
  • Explore the Safety Covenant, along with Assembly’s Digital Communications policy and other Safe Church documents here.
  • This Safety Covenant, along with Assembly’s Digital Communications Policy and “How to Report Suspect Abuse” can be found here.
  • Volunteer Child & Youth Workers at Assembly must sign the Safety Covenant and complete the Memo of Understanding here.
  • (Also scroll down on this page for the parent forms for children & youth participating at Assembly).

Sunday School

  • Sunday School classes for children and youth (ages 2 through high school) are held throughout the year. Age groupings vary from year to year.
  • As of Sept 2021, over 100 children and youth currently participate at Assembly.
  • If you have questions about our Sunday School program, please contact Lora Nafziger or the church office using this contact form.

Birthday Visits

  • Preschool through Junior Youth children receive an annual birthday visit from one of the pastors.
  • MYF (9th-12th graders) receive a birthday visit from a MYF sponsor

Youth Mentoring (for 7th-12th graders)

  • When children reach their middle school years, they are connected with an adult mentor with whom to build a relationship. As of September 2021, over 80 youth & mentors currently participate in our mentoring program. To ensure the safety of the youth, both parents of the youth and their mentor must sign the following Memo of Understanding.
  • If you are interested in the mentoring program, please contact Lora Nafziger using this contact form.

Junior Youth (JYF, “Junior Youth Fellowship”, for 6th-8th graders)

  • Activities for junior youth – both fund and serious – are organized by the JYF sponsors, currently these are: Becky Snider and Jonathon Schramm (serving 2020-2024).
  • In addition to Sunday school, there is an event for the JYF planned every month.
  • Contact the church office using this contact form if you would like to be put in touch with the JYF sponsors or if you have questions about JYF activities.

High School Youth (MYF, “Mennonite Youth Fellowship”, for 9th-12th graders)

  • Assembly high school students gather on Sunday mornings for a time of worship and small group discussion, and on Sunday evenings for social events. Some favorite activities throughout the year include: drop-ins (social hang-outs hosted by students), live-in, barn dance, winter camp, La Casa Help-a-House, bike trip to Middlebury, summer trip, and a Dunes trip.
  • Our youth Sponsors are currently: Marlette & Ryan Gomez Wengerd, Stephen Lowe, & Gretchen Krause.
  • Contact the church office using this contact form if you would like to be put in touch with the MYF sponsors or if you have questions about MYF activities.

Parent Forms


Other Resources/Documents

🔒Sunday School List (2023-24) 

Christian Ed Closet Inventory (closet located between offices 10 & 11)

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đź”’Summer 2020 Resource: “Great and Small Guide to the Most Okayest Summer Ever!”