Green Team

The Green Team at Assembly Mennonite Church was reorganized in December 2022. It is composed of any congregants that are interested in serving the community through education, practices, and actions that promote environmental stewardship and sustainability.

The team is inspired by the diverse interests and passions of its participants. Participants have expressed a keen interest in a variety of activities and initiatives aimed at promoting environmental stewardship. These ideas reflect a collective desire to:

  • Serve the congregation through education and practical actions.
  • Navigate the interplay between technological advancements and Indigenous wisdom.
  • Find productive outlets to counteract environmental despair.
  • Focus efforts on local initiatives that make a tangible difference.
  • Foster imaginative thinking through shared reading experiences.
  • Promote sustainable practices, such as bicycle safety and eco-friendly gardening.
  • Collaborate with established environmental organizations.
  • Address issues like food waste and recycling within our community.

These ideas form the foundation of our group’s mission to care for creation and inspire meaningful change.

Our group’s energy and direction are driven by individuals who have an idea and are inspired by others to carry it out. Read more about the current activities and history of the group.

We generally meet once-a-month on Saturday mornings. Join us and bring your interests and ideas to help inspire projects.

Reach out to Ruth Kauffmann for meeting dates.