Assembly Covenant and Safe Church Documents

Safe Church Policies and Documents

With Mennonite Church USA, Central District Conference and consistent with our commitments in the Privileges of the Child, Assembly Mennonite Church covenants to be a safe place for all of God’s people. 

Given the preciousness of our children and youth and their potential vulnerability to abuse, we covenant for their safety and full participation in our community. In times of injury and broken relationships we desire to center the voices of survivors. The guidelines and policies regarding those who have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct recognize the possibility of change and renewal for those who take responsibility for the past pain and injury they have caused.  

Our Safe Church Covenant is available here. Questions? Overwhelmed with information? Have you experienced abuse and need to talk with someone? 

  • Our pastors can be reached through this contact form, their phone numbers can be found in the directory. 
  • Randy Roth is the chair of Leadership Group and his information can be found here in the church directory. 
  • Conference contacts can be found here or by calling: 1-800-662-2264
  • To Report Pastoral Misconduct contact the Conference here.

Key Documents:

Safe Church Covenant 

Digital communications Policy

Social Networking guidance- Appendix 2


Procedures for Responding to abuse within the congregation

How to report Abuse– Appendix 1 outside of the congregation

Response to a participant credibly accused of sexual misconduct

Digital signature page for Memo of Understanding for those working with Children and Youth

Digital signature page for Memo of Understanding for Mentors-Mentees & Parents