Assembly Questionnaire

An Assembly Questionnaire

The Leadership Group wants to know what you think about congregational meetings.

We have entered a new year, with a new worship space, and a new pastoral team. In the wake of this newness, we are reviewing some established aspects of Assembly life that have served us well but may need some new direction as we look ahead.

Decision making at Assembly is not delegated to a select few; rather, all members are invited to participate in making key congregational decisions. A significant part of this process happens at congregational meetings which are held every month or two (usually on the third Sunday of the month at 7 pm). Members present at these meetings make decisions by consensus, and interested non-members are welcome to participate in the discussions.

Assembly has roughly 160 members and 160 adult non-member participants, yet attendance at congregational meetings has been around 30-60. The Leadership Group would like to learn why attendance isn’t higher, and what we might do to improve decision-making practices at Assembly. Please respond to the following questions by March 22, 2020.